CMMS Facility Services provides one-time cleaning services, in addition to all of our other janitorial services, to handle the specific needs of our clients. Our professional cleaning staff offers prompt and comprehensive one-time cleaning services
A one–time cleaning service will help get your home ready for a special event such as a wedding, graduation, birthday party, holiday party, new baby, company arriving, move-in/out, spring cleaning, winter cleaning, or a gift for a family member or friend.
A one–time cleaning can provide you with just the help you need when illness or injury prevent you from your normal cleaning. Also makes a perfect gift!
A One-time Cleaning consist of a thorough, overall cleaning that includes all elements of our more frequent cleanings plus clean and dust all baseboards, dust all wall hangings, clean and dust window sills, clean interior windows, dust light fixtures.
The thing to remember when deciding whether to do your own cleaning or pay a professional residential cleaning service company to do it is that you always have to spend something on keeping your house clean: money or time. Time is a finite resource just like money. If you decide to do it yourself, you’re committing to spending a chunk of time every week doing chores. If you pay a professional cleaner, you get that time back in exchange for your money.